Isla San Martin

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ISLA SAN MARTIN, Baja California, Mexico was named in 1775 by Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra (1743 – 1794), a Spanish naval officer. Located just 5 km off the Baja California Pacific coastline west of San Quintin, this extinct volcano is home today to a diverse ecosystem. Hassler's Cove is a refuge for many who anchor there to seek overnight shelter from Pacific storms and swells. It is also home to a harbor seal colony. The island has a private fishing concession from the Mexican government and access to the island is by permission only.

  • Reina del Mar (#252185) (1942-1949) vessel of 914 gross tons that burned at San Martin Island on February 17, 1949 [MVUS 1952]
  • American Star (#261783) (1915-1955), 24-ton vessel that stranded at Hassler's Cove , San Martin Island on January 17, 1955 [MVUS 1955].