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  • [GAVIOTA]. Chesnut, Merlyn. The Gaviota Land A glimpse into California History from a Bend on El Camino Real. Santa Barbara: Fithian Press, 1993. Wraps. Second printing.
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  • [GAVIOTA]. Hvolboll, Elizabeth Erro. Mi Refugio. Growing Up on a Coastal Ranch in Southern California Privately printed, (2010). Wraps. First edition. Inscribed by the author and dated June 6, 2010.
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  • [GAVIOTA]. Hvolboll, Eric. A Brief and Unfinished Story of the Ortega Family and their Rancho Nuestra Señora del Refugio, Santa Barbara County Unpublished ms, (1978). Wraps. Stanford University Dept. of History Honors Program.
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