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  • [RUSSIAN CALIFORNIA] Farris, Glenn. The Strange Tale of Saint Peter, the Aleut: A Russian Orthodox Martyr on the California Frontier unpublished ms. from a paper presented at The Spanish Missions and California Indians" Symposium,D-Q University, March 3, 1990. Stapled pages (12) plus cover sheet.
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  • [RUSSIAN CALIFORNIA] Franklin, Robert R. Playing the Odds Against the Solid Men of Boston: The Gamble of Russian America in Hohonu, University of Hawaii at Hilo 10:34-47, 2010

  • [RUSSIAN CALIFORNIA] Gibson, James R. Imperial Russia in Frontier America The changing geography of supply of Russian America, 1784-1867. NY: Oxford University Press, 1976. Wraps.
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  • [RUSSIAN CALIFORNIA] Gibson, James R. and Alexei A. Istomin. Russian California, 1806-1860. A History in Documents Volumes 1 & 2. London: Published by Ashgate for the Hakluyt Society, Series III Volumes 26 & 27, 2014.
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  • [RUSSIAN CALIFORNIA] [Khlebnikov, Kyrill T.] Dmytryshyn, Basil (translator & notes). Colonial Russian America. Kyrill T. Khlebnikov's Reports, 1817-1832.] Portland: Oregon Historical Society, (1976). Wraps.
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