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'''2 airplane fatalities'''
'''2 airplane fatalities'''
:[http://www.asias.faa.gov/pls/apex/f?p=100:17:0::NO::AP_BRIEF_RPT_VAR:LAX92FA220 ACCIDENT REPORT]

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2 airplane fatalities


In the News~

May 28, 1992 [San Bernardino County Sun]: “Plane crash kills 2. Two people died Wednesday when a private plane crashed near the airport on Catalina Island, a sheriff's deputy said. The plane went down on a wooded and brushy hillside two miles west of Airport in the Sky about 3:15 p.m., said an airport official who refused to be identified. The plane lost power after takeoff, said sheriff's Deputy Hal Grant. A man and a woman, the only two on board, died at the scene, Grant said.”