ABBOTT, Waldo George

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ABBOTT, Waldo George (1911-1990) [SS#555-01-0840], native Santa Barbaran and employee of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History for 40 years. As a boy, Waldo often visited William Leon Dawson at his home. He also hung around the Rett Brothers taxidermy shop on Ranchería Street in Santa Barbara. In 1938, after volunteering and working part time at the museum, Abbott became an assistant to Egmont Rett, who was Curator of Ornithology and Mammalogy. Together they assembled the specimens for the Bird Taxonomy Hall and later developed the exhibits for the Bird Habitat Hall. Abbott took a three-year leave of absence while he was “engaged in essential war work.” After the war, he returned to the museum, and in 1964 he succeeded Egmont Rett. Abbott was Curator of Ornithology and Mammalogy at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History from 1964 until his retirement in 1976. Abbott spent considerable field time on Santa Rosa Island where he conducted numerous zoological expeditions and was particularly interested in the island's birds. He authored half a dozen papers in Condor, one of which pertains to Anacapa Island. » Abbott, W. G. American Oystercatcher on Anacapa Island, California. Condor 67(2):190 March-April 1965. Waldo Abbott collected on three California Channel Islands: Santa Rosa Island (1947, 1948, 1950, 1951); Santa Cruz Island (1939, 1941); and Anacapa Island (1947).

Santa Rosa Island:

  • 7/28/1947 SDNHM herps
  • 2/6/1948 SDNHM herps
  • 4/15/1950 SDNHM herps
  • 3/26/1951 SDNHM herps
  • 3/17,18/1951 ROM birds
  • 12/8/1952 SDNHM herps

Santa Cruz Island:

  • 8/2/1939 SDMNH herps
  • 5/18/1947 SDMNH herps

Anacapa Island:

  • 6/21/1947 SDNHM herps
  • 8/4/1947 SDNHM herps