ADARGO, Alexander Reginaldo

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Marcelino Hernandez and Alex Adargo,
Santa Catalina Island
Keywe owned by Alex Adargo, c. 1917
Courtesy Catalina Island Museum
February 13, 1924, Santa Catalina Island

ADARGO, Alexander “Alex” Reginaldo (1883-1943) [SS#552-22-1516], member of a well-known Santa Catalina Island family. In the early 1930s Alex Adargo ran the glass-bottom boat, Cleopatra. He also owned the launch Keywe.

In the News~

December 25, 1917 [TI/Avalon]: “Captain Alex Adargo has changed the name of his launch to Keywe.”

December 25, 1917 [TI/Avalon]: “Alex Adargo, with his guitar and mouth organ, had to play three pieces before his pleased auditors would permit him to quit.”

January 15, 1918 [TI/Avalon]: “Alex Adargo returned Friday from a mainland trip.”

April 28, 1926 [TI/Avalon]: “In the town of Temple, Tuesday evening, April 20th, a very pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tavernier, the contracting parties being Alec R. Adargo and Nellie C. Adam of Los Angeles… Those attending from Avalon were Joe Adargo, father of the groom, Everett Adargo and wife, Peter Adargo, ‘Scotty’ Brown and wife, Lee James and wife, Capt. Clause Walton, Mrs. K. C. Kendrick and Miss Emeline Arcy.”

1934 Avalon Directory

Adargo, Alex R., 358-A E. Whittley
Adargo, Everett B., 130 E. Whittley
Adargo, Nellie, 359-A E. Whittley

January 14, 1943 [TI/Avalon]: “Funeral services were held Wednesday for Captain Alex Adargo, aged 58, who passed away Monday at the San Pedro Hospital, San Pedro, Cal. Captain Adargo is survived by his wife, two brothers, Captain Everett Adargo and Peter Adargo, and by three sisters, Pauline, Esther and Catalina. The services were held at the Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church and from McNerny’s Mortuary, of San Pedro. Some two weeks ago Captain Adargo was the victim of an automobile accident while going to his work. He suffered a broken leg and internal injuries. His physician reported Sunday that Captain Adargo was recovering nicely. A relapse followed Monday afternoon, and he passed away. Born in Wilmington, California, Alex Adargo came to Avalon as a child with his father, Captain Joe Adargo. In those days, Captain Adargo was in the employ of the Frank Whittley Sheep Company, operating a sailing vessel between Catalina and Wilmington. When the Banning Company purchased the Catalina, ‘Captain Joe’ moved his family to Avalon. For many years the Adargos were operators of the glass-bottomed row boats and small fishing launches. With the change of the island’s ownership in 1919, Captain Alex Adargo was given command of one of the glass-bottomed powerboats making daily trips over Catalina’s famous marine gardens. With the declaration of war, Captain Alex Adargo left Avalon and joined the U.S. Maritime Service. Last September Mrs. Adargo moved to San Pedro, and it was while driving from his San Pedro home to his place of employment that the auto accident happened, which apparently resulted in his death. During his many years of residence in Avlon, Captain Alex, as he was more popularly known, won the admiration of many friends for his gentle and friendly disposition. His record as a captain for the glass-bottomed boats during the past few years has been outstanding. He was one of Catalina’s pioneers. A sober, industrious and trustworthy citizen. Many floral tributes sent by sympathizers from Avalon, Wilmington and Los Angeles accompanied the casket to its resting place.”