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AH FONG (fl. 1909), Chinese abalone fisherman who, along with several others, is known to have harvested abalone on San Miguel Island in 1909 when Captain William G. Waters had the island lease.

In the News~

March 19, 1909 [SBMP]: “With Captain Colice Vasquez, half-owner of the schooner Gussie M at the wheel, the vessel arrived in this harbor yesterday from San Miguel Island, after a tempestuous voyage that tried the seamanship and patience of even this rugged veteran of the briny. The schooner brought in Captain William G. Waters and his sheep shearers, but the stormy weather prevented loading several tons of abalone meat and a number of tons of abalone shells, to say nothing of Ah Fong, the Chinese abalone fisher and his men. He will return for them at a later date. As the result of the Chinese boycott of abalones from Japan, the price for the American-caught abalone has soared more than 100 per cent. Captain McGuire shipped more than 56,000 pounds of abalone shells recently to New York.”