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AH GIN ( -1892)

In the News~

March 14, 1892 [LAH]: “Captain James Posey, who owns the schooner Lou, returned a few days ago, says the San Diego Sun, from a voyage to San Clemente Island. At the time he reported that he had seen a dead Chinaman on the island, but as another Chinaman was near the spot he concluded there was nothing unusual about the affair. It now transpires that there is a mystery surrounding the matter. Ah Gin and Lee Duc had been fishing together for several months. One day last week Lee returned from a fishing trip of long duration, alone. He was asked what had become of Ah Gin, and replied that he knew nothing about him. Soon after this Mr. Duc disappeared, and has not been seen in the city since. A reporter made inquiries in Chinatown last night and today, but no definite information could be obtained. The Chinamen all seem to know Ah Gin and Lee very well, but they won't say much regarding the disappearance of either. Captain Posey says that when he saw the dead Chinaman the body was lying on the rocks about a quarter of a mile from shore, and that he supposed the man had died of disease and was being got ready to bring back to San Diego or to be buried on the island. Two Portuguese fishermen who arrived yesterday report that they also ran across the body of a Chinaman, but that the birds and beasts had eaten the flesh off the bones until it was only by the clothing that the nationality could be established.”