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AH KING (d. 1900), Chinese abalone gatherer who reportedly starved to death on San Nicolas Island in March 1900 after their camp provisions had been stolen. Tie King was later named as the one who died.

In the News~

March 27, 1900 [SBMP]: “A tale of suffering and death from San Nicolas Island. Piratical crawfish catchers appropriate the only provisions in an abalone hunter's camp... While the three Chinamen were absent hunting abalones on the opposite side of the island, sailors who had been catching crawfish on San Nicolas Island raided the Chinamens' camp, stole their rice and 1500 pounds of abalone meat, and put out to sea. When the Chinamen returned, they found their provisions gone... When the Dawn arrived off Corral Harbor there was no sign of life at the camp. The captain sent a skiff ashore, and in the old adobe house that the late Captain Kimberly built many years ago when he owned the island, were found two Chinamen, lying in their bunks, too weak to walk, and almost too exhausted to speak. But they weakly told of the theft of their provisions, how they had lived three months on abalone meat and what fish they could get, and how they had sickened though lack of proper nourishment. One of them had already died... The dead Chinaman's name was Ah King, a cousin of Ah Jim. The latter does not know what steps will be taken to prosecute the crawfish catchers who robbed the camp...”