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AH MING (fl. 1870s-1890s), Chinese cook on Santa Rosa Island who came to the island in about 1875. In 1884 Ah Ming witnessed the murder of Ah You by island owner A. P. More. In May of 1893, an article in Overland Monthly stated: “There were over 70 men [on Santa Rosa Island]. All hands were catered for by Ah Ming, the Chinese cook. Wrinkled as a walnut shell is he and gray as a druid; he must be very old, and deserves special mention on account of his faithful service and his romantic history. He has been on Santa Rosa [Island] for sixteen or eighteen years, seldom if ever coming to the mainland. He was first found by the owner in a half-starved condition on one of the remote beaches, where he had been wandering for days after reaching the shore and finding himself the only survivor of his wrecked junk. Having lost all he possessed, he attached himself to the service of those who cared for his needs, and has now been for years the most trusted servitor on the place.”

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