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Merrill Carr Allyn (1904-1967) with a model
of his fantail launch "Happy."
Don Mills with Merrill Allyn, who introduced Don to the wonders of the islands, 1956.
Merrill Allyn at the Scorpion Pier, Santa Cruz Island

ALLYN, Merrill Carr (1904-1967) [SS#568-44-7142] was known as “Ventura's First Citizen of the Sea.” He was born in Los Angeles, his parents’ only child. He grew up on his parents ranch near Ojai, California. Allyn never married, and was reported to be a shy, retiring person. As a result of a childhood accident, his right eye was crossed, although it never seemed to bother him. Allyn was one of four partners (along with Al Derby and a Mr. Philbrick) who explored the possibility of developing a sport-fishing camp on Anacapa Island while it was leased to C. Fay Chaffe from 1932-1937. Allyn wrote several unpublished Channel Islands manuscripts, including Three Old Kings of Anacapa Island.

Merrill Carr Allyn died in Santa Paula on February 23, 1967.


» Allyn, Merrill The Ever Changing Island in Boats Magazine 55:3 (24-25; 62-65) March 1958.

In the News~

June 13, 1934 [VSFP]: “H. Bay Webster, pioneer resident of this section, Saturday and what he had done exactly 50 years before, made a boat trip to Anacapa Island. Only the trip 50 years ago was his first, and he had made many since that time; the first trip was made in a small sailboat, while Saturday’s was aboard the motor launch, Hustler; and the last trip was made in the company of his granddaughter, Jane Webster. By way of commemorating the day, Webster and his granddaughter went over on Captain M. C. Allyn’s vessel, camped out overnight, and returned aboard the Hustler Sunday night.”

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