AMAR, Eloi J.

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Eloi J. Amar and the Pinto,
Santa Catalina Island, 1915
Courtesy Catalina Island Museum
Avalon Cemetery,
Santa Catalina Island

AMAR, Eloi J. (1891-1963) [SS#552-22-4528], California native born in San Pedro, he married Bessie Booher. They had a daughter, Beatrice Rose (1917-1997). When the Mauer Cattle Company leased Middle Ranch and grazing rights from William Wrigley, Jr. and the Santa Catalina Island Company (est. 1894) from 1917-1924, Amar was manager of the cattle company. When their lease expired, the Santa Catalina Island Company took over ranching operations, maintaining several thousand head of cattle until the 1950s. Amar then became manager of Avalon Harbor, and he served as president of the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners from 1933-1939. From 1940-1958 Amar served as general manager of the Port of Long Beach from 1940-1958.

Eloi J. Amar died on May 24, 1963 at age 72. He is buried in the Avalon, Santa Catalina Island cemetery.

In the News~

December 11, 1917 [TI/Avalon]: “Mr. E. J. Amar, from Middle Ranch, was an Avalon visitor Sunday.”

April 9, 1918 [TI/Avalon]: “Mr. E. J. Amar of Middle Ranch has brought his wife and family over to spend a few weeks at the ranch house.”

November 28, 1918 [SCICo]: “...We answered the letter of the U.S. Dist. Attorney as soon as we received his letter. We have heard nothing further. At the same time we took the matter up with Capt. W. C. Crandall, Fish Administrator for So. Calif. We have hear indirectly that he is looking into the matter and may possibly call upon us for copies of the correspondence we have had with other departments. In this connection there is a letter from the U. S. Marshall at Los Angeles which we sent you either in April or May of this year. We would suggest that you send us a copy of this letter so we may have it in case of need. Our informant — Mr. Windle of Catalina — said that Capt. Crandall had been told by fishermen that our troubles with Austrians and other was due to the fact that we furnished them with liquor — supposedly strong liquor and illegally. What is needed is an organization of the Channel Island. Vail and Vickers — who also have San Miguel — are willing to help out in any way. We had a talk with Mr. Amar — General Supt. for the Maurer Cattle Co. — who tells us that the same depredations occur on Catalina and that so far they have been powerless to stop them and have been to a more or less extent duplicating our own efforts. The San Clemente Wool Co. will also do anything that will put a stop to the stealing that is going on and which because of the increase in the numbers engaged in fishing is becoming more serious.”

April 18, 1919 [SCICo]:“The Schooner left for Santa Barbara on April 14th at 9:45 A.M. and returned to the Island on April 16th at 6:00 P.M. with Mr. Maurer and Mr. Amar.”

May 1, 1919 [SCICo letter to Maurer Cattle Co.]: “ Maurer Cattle Co., Los Angeles, Cal. Gentlemen:

In response to your valued offer to long-tailed bucks would say that we are writing to the San Francisco Office asking for their approval. There are some difficulties attached to our loading at Santa Barbara, but are not so serious but what they can be easily overcome. From correspondence received this trip from Mr. Caire, we are of the opinion that it is his intention to wrote to you direct relative to a price on the large lot of miscellaneous sheep. At present there are 1,000 head of long-tailed bucks that could be shipped at any time with the probability of about 500 more before shearing is completed. With the best wishes of this writer and his wife to your Mr. J. E. Maurer and Mr. Amar, we are, Respectfully yours, The Santa Cruz Island Co. Supt.”

February 20, 1924 [TI/Avalon]: “Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Amar of San Pedro are vacationing on the Island for a few days.”

April 20, 1927 [TI/Avalon]: “E. J. Amar of San Pedro was an Avalon visitor for several days last week.”

April 16, 1930 [TI/Avalon]: “Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Amar were Island visitors last week, being the guests of Mr. Vincent Petrich, who arranged a birthday party for Amar.”

Eloi Amar

August 16, 1933 [San Pedro News Pilot]: “Eloi J. Amar of San Pedro, new president of the Los Angeles board of harbor commissioners, today was presented with a new gavel and block. The photo shows him with his new symbols of authority, presented to him by Harbor Manager Carl B. Wirsching on behalf of the maintenance division of the harbor department, who made the gavel and block from costa chilsa wood taken from the ancient Chinese pirate ship Ning Po now at the Catalina Isthmus.”