AMEY, Vera Eaton

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Front Row: Waldo Abbott; Betsy Lester Roberti; Carey Stanton; Vera Amy; Red Craine. Rear: John Gherini; Pier Gherini; Russ Vail; Al Vail; E. K. Smith; (unk)
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, March 2, 1986

AMEY, Vera Eaton (1906-2004) [SS#546-24-5712], only surviving child of Ira Eaton and Margaret Ann Holden Eaton. Vera was raised on Santa Cruz Island from shortly after her birth in Santa Barbara on March 15, 1906, until she left the island at age 16.

Margaret Eaton recalls in her diary: “About the first of March when it was time for me to expect my baby, I moved over to Mother Eaton’s house. She did not think it was good for me to be alone and Ira was way so much. I was feeling happier now. All I thought of was my baby, and I prayed daily for strength to go through whatever was before me. I needed that little one so much. After twelve hours of labor, my second baby girl was born March 15, 1906. All the pain was forgotten when I hugged her to me, and I was the happiest woman in the world. Meantime Ira was away on a fishing trip and the Irene developed engine trouble. He arrived home three days late, to discover he had a new daughter, whom we named Vera. In spite of the baby’s bout with measles when she was only a week old, we both progressed nicely. I stayed at Mother Eaton’s house for three weeks, then moved back home. [Eaton, Margaret. Diary of a Sea Captain’s Wife, 1980, p. 29].