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ANDERSON, Adolf ( -1913), captain of the schooner Louise, was swept overboard and drowned off San Miguel Island in 1913.

In the News~

December 13, 1903 [LAH]: “Departed. Schooner Louise, [Captain] Anderson, Umpqua.”

February 22, 1907 [SFCall]: “The schooner Louise, Captain Anderson, and the Caroline, Captain Westerdahl, eleven and twelve days respectively from Umpqua River, arrived this afternoon with full cargoes of lumber.”

July 1, 1913 [SBMP]: “Drooping for its Captain. Los Angeles, June 10.—The schooner Louise, with lumber from Umpqua River, arrived today with her flag at half mast, in token of the loss of her commander, Captain Adolf Anderson, who fell overboard Saturday 59 miles off San Miguel Island, and was drowned. The body was not recovered. Captain Anderson went overboard while helping to shift a spanker topsail.”

July 1, 1913 [SBMP]: “Captain swept from deck near San Miguel. Master of schooner Louise is drowned as vessel passes Channel Island. The schooner Louise, reaching San Pedro yesterday with the flag half-mast, reported that her master, Captain Adolf Anderson had been swept overboard and drowned off San Miguel Island. Captain Anderson and the mate undertook to shift the spanker topsail. The tack broke when the vessel gave a heavy roll, carrying the Captain Anderson overboard. The schooner was put about and the search for the Captain kept up for nearly an hour, but nothing except a piece of rope could be found.”