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ANDERSON, Albert ( -1927), died as a result of a fire aboard the fishing vessel Katherine at Santa Catalina Island in August 1927.

In the News~

August 24, 1927 [San Pedro Daily News]: “Fisherman suffers for four hours without medical aid. Badly burned about the back and legs in a fire aboard the fishing craft Katherine, owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Jerue, of 119 Front Street, Albert Anderson, fisherman, age 37, of the same address, was rushed from the sea by other fishermen, age 37, of the same address, was rushed from sea by other fishermen to the harbor and thence to Seaside hospital, where he is not expected to survive his injuries. The accident happened a short distance from Catalina Island early this morning. Anderson had gone out fishing in the craft, which is 38 feet long. Due to the warm weather he was very lightly garbed. He lit a cigarette, according to the report received by Wilmington police,and fumes of gasoline in the craft ignited, setting the boat ablaze in the engine room. The fire commuted itself to the gasoline tank while Anderson used every means at his command to stay the blaze. He managed, finally, to put out the blaze but in doing so sustained second and third degree burns about his back and his legs, which were bare, were cooked so badly that he lost the use of them and sank to the deck of the boat. Several hours later his plight was discovered by other fishermen who rushed him to Fish Harbor and sent in a call to the Wilmington police station for the ambulance. Sergeant Simpson and Officer Baraker hurried him to Police Surgeon Guy Shirey's office for first aid, and later he was taken to Seaside hospital in Long Beach in a critical condition. The Katherine is the fishing launch which figured in a death mystery at sea on February 2 last, when the craft was found adrift off San Clemente Island by J. E. Swanson, San Pedro fisherman and his father, who towed the boat to port. Henry Smith, age 40, somethings known as Hugh Keifer, who took the boat out fishing, had vanished and was never found. Police investigated the case for several days on the theory that Smith might have been a victim of foul play, but finally the report given to the authorities on the circumstances was accepted and the matter dropped.”