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ANDERSON, Robert E. (1920- ), geologist for Signal-Honolulu-Macco who explored for oil on Santa Rosa Island in 1948 and 1949. Honolulu Oil Company geologists Lowell E. Redwine (1911-1982) and Paul McGovney accompanied Anderson while they conducted field mapping and location preparation. During their visits, they stayed at the ranch house. Signal Oil & Gas was the partnership operator, and thus Anderson stayed on for the drillings as well. Although Signal-Honolulu-Macco pulled off Santa Rosa Island in 1949, Anderson stayed on as geologist for J. R. Pemberton since he was so familiar with the island's geology. He was “loaned ” by his employer, Signal Oil & Gas, to assist with the J. R. Pemberton venture. Robert E. Anderson remembered [personal communication 1998]:

“As a rule, the drilling of a well was never shut down, not even for Christmas. In 1948, the companies got kind-hearted however, and shut down the drilling on Christmas Eve day. The plan was to fly back and restart the day after Christmas. Someone jokingly asked me if it ever snowed on Santa Rosa Island. I laughed and said of course not. We all went home, and guess what? It snowed. The plane couldn't fly. So much for my weatherman's forecast. We couldn't get back to the island until almost New Years. That New Year's Day, we all enjoyed a 15 pound lobster caught in a tide pool.”