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ANDREWS, Oliver Wolcott (1925-1978) [SS#554-38-4795] , well-known artist and sculptor who drowned while diving at Anacapa Island on September 30, 1978. He was 53 years old.

In the News~

October 2, 1978 [LAT]: “A body found floating in a cove near Anacapa Island off the coast of Port Hueneme Saturday has been identified as that of Oliver Andrews, 53, of Santa Monica, an art professor at UCLA. The Ventura County coroner's office said Andrew's body was brought to shore by a private boat. Officials said Andrews, who was scuba diving with two friends, was in the water preparing to dive but the current was rough and he was swept on to some rocks where he was stunned and apparently drowned as a result. An autopsy will be performed.”

October 8, 1978 [LAT]: “Oliver Andrews: In Memorium. California sculptor Oliver Andrews died Sept. 30. He drowned while skin diving with friends off Anacapa Island. Water was the element of his astrological sign. Water was the major element of his sculpture. This weekend, his ashes were scattered at sea. He felt an attachment to water that was virtually mystical. THe late Times art critic Henry J. Seldis was an old friend and longtime champion. He called Andrews' work "calming and meditative."...”