APPA, Donald

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APPA, Donald (c. 1916-1959), drowned after falling off the pier at Emerald Bay, Santa Catalina Island. Appa was 43 years old.

In the News~

October 8, 1959 [San Pedro News Pilot]: “ Drowned in fall. Avalon—Standing on the dock, waiving farewell to a departing boat, a man fell into the water and drowned. Donald Appa, 43, caretaker at nearby Emerald Bay, was waving to a friend, longshoreman Tom Silva Wednesday.”

October 8, 1959 [Pasadena Independent]: “Merrymaker dies in Catalina Bay. Avalon—A man who had attended a gay all night party with friends drowned yesterday when he fell from the pier at Emerald Bay on Santa Catalina Island. The victim was identified as David Appa, 43, an Indian recently from New Mexico, who was employed as a caretaker at the Camp Emerald Bay resort. Tom Silva, a longshoreman of Torrence, told deputies that he and three friends went to the island Tuesday to investigate possibilities of dredging up salvage from an old shipwreck. Appa joined them in a party. As they headed back for the mainland, he was waiving farewell from the pier when he lost his balance and fell into the bay. Silva and the others hurriedly returned and pulled Appa out of the water, but attempts to revive him failed.”