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ARCE, Julian (1848-1926), was a native Californio born at Mission San Gabriel, the 4th of 21 missions in Alta California. By the 1880 U.S. Census, was Julian Arce was living at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. About 1874 when he was 26, he married Susana Galindo (1853-1880). They had:

  • Elizabeth “Lizzie” Arce [Sepulveda] (1875-1955)
  • Julian Arce, Jr. (1878-1880)

Susana Galindo Arce died, and on December 26, 1886 at age 38, Julian Arce married Francisca Galindo (1859-1948). They had:

  • Frederico A. Arce (1890-1930) [Wilmington Cemetery]
  • Stephen Julian “Squirrel” Arce (1892-1984) [Avalon Cemetery]
  • Catherine “Kate” P. Arce (1894-1968)
  • Frank Paul “Chee” Arce (1896-1983) [Avalon Cemetery]
  • Emily F. Arce (1897-1930)

In 1915 he was one of the original twelve members of the Santa Catalina Island Twenty-Five Year Club.

Julian Arce died in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island on January 16, 1926 at age 77. He is buried in Wilmington Cemetery.

In the News~

November 23, 1915 [San Pedro News Pilot]: “Launch Old Glory wrecked at Avalon During Hard Northeast Blow. A real "norther" visited the bay Saturday morning, blowing up in a few minutes at about 7 a.m. Little damage was done, but the Cabrillo was turned around in mid-channel with nearly 300 passengers aboard and returned to San Pedro. At about noon the launch Old Glory, owned by M. C. Bort, came ashore near the pleasure pier and turned over, wrecking all upper works, but was promptly pulled high and dry by block and tackle. The boat will be refitted and put in commission again in the spring, having been purchased by Fred Bort. The Old Glory is considered one of the best of the old model of fishing boats and many of the later boats were patterned after her. She is about 14 years old and was formerly named the Fortuna, the Black Cat, and the Lorena. She has seen much service under Julian Arce and Mexican Joe with many prominent people as anglers. One of the best remembered trips was about nine years ago when Mexican Joe went to Clemente to fish with a party composed of the late Dr. Holder, Governor Pardee, Stewart Edward White, Gifford Pinchot and Senator Flint. The boat was towed over by George Michaelis, but Joe brought her back alone after the fishing party left for home.—Avalon Wireless.”