ARCE, Stephen Julian “Duke” “Squirrel”

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“Squirrel” Arce, Santa Catalina Island
Courtesy Catalina Island Museum

ARCE, Stephen Julian “Duke” “Squirrel” (1892-1984)[SS#572-22-3145] Also spelled D'Arce, an early Santa Catalina Island family. He was the son of Julian Arce (1848-1926) and his second wife, Francisca Garcia (1856-1948). They had:

  • Frederico A. Arce (1890-1930)
  • Stephen Julian “Squirrel” Arce (1892-1984)
  • Catherine (Katie) P. Arce (1894-1968)
  • Frank Paul “Chee” Arce (1896-1983)
  • Emilina (Emily) Arce (1897-1930)

“Squirrel” was the brother of “Chee” (Frank) Arce. At Avalon, he operated a namesake boat, Julian, also his father's name.

In the News~

July 13, 1917 [TI/Avalon]: “Miss E. Spencer of Los Angeles had a narrow escape from drowning Thursday, while attempting to swim out to one of the yachts anchored in the bay. Her call for assistance was heard by several persons standing on the pleasure pier, but before a boat could be gotten to the rescue, ‘Squirrel’ D’Arce had plunged into the water and in record time covered the distance between the pier and the drowning woman…”