ARMANN, Gestur R.

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Large red abalone taken by Armann at San Miguel Island.

ARMANN, Gestur R. (1912-1975) [SS#552-18-8876], Canadian-born Scandanavian fisherman, the son of Olof and Thorgeir Armann, who came to the United States from Canada in 1924. The Armann family lived in North Dakota where Gestur met his future wife. By the 1940s, he lived with his wife, Lydia (1913-1990), in Santa Barbara (1940 census; 1941 Directory).

By the late 1950s, Armann was living on Anacapa Island. He constructed a bridge between his home and that of Raymond “Frenchy” LaDreau that stood intact until it was damaged in fall of 1960. There were a total of four shacks at Frenchy's Cove at the time. Armann worked for two years supplying the lobster fishermen who sold the lobsters to the Larco Fish Company of Santa Barbara.

Armann took one of the largest red abalones known from the Channel Islands. It as taken at Crook Point, San Miguel Island.

Armann died in Costa Mesa, California on March 19, 1975 at age 62.