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ASHKENAZY, Irvin (1910-1982)[SS#111-07-5894], New York-born actor in the 1950s and 1960s, and later an author and occasional writer for Westways Magazine, including several island articles. He and his wife Elinor, had daughters Janet and Judy. Ashkenazy died in Pasadena at age 71 on December 19, 1982.

  • Ashkenazy, Irvin 1968. Catalina’s Pigeon Express. Westways 60(10):37-39,57 October
  • Ashkenazy, Irvin 1969. Island voyage aboard the Swift. Westways 61(4):29-32, 37-38 April
  • Ashkenazy, Irvin 1970. Cabrillo's lonely Island. Westways 62(4):36-41, 58-59, April
  • Ashkenazy, Irvin 1971. A graveyard of ships. Westways 63(3):30-39, 54-55 March
  • Ashkenazy, Irvin 1980. On Safari off Santa Cruz Island. Westways 13(3):25-28 May-June