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  • 1889 Jewfish ~ a weekly published by C. A. Sumner.

July 18, 1901 [LAH]: “Avalon, Santa Caalina Island. July 17. — Mrs. Harry Merriman and family are here for the summer in Camp Swanfeldt. Mrs. Merriman is a Catalina pioneer. She was a summer resident here when the island was owned by the late Mr. Shatto of Los Angeles and first made a resort. Her former husband, Mr. Kennedy, then of the Los Angeles Tribune, started a little paper here called the “Jewfish” which had a wide circulation among the tourists, who sent it to broadcast to their eastern friends...”

  • 1893 Avalon Avalanche

1903: “A newspaper, 'The Wireless,' was started at Avalon on March 25, 1903. This is stated to have been the first newspaper in the world to receive its press notices by wireless telegraph.” [Williamson, M. Burton History of Santa Catalina Island in Historical Society of Southern California 1903 6(1):31.]

  • 1908 Catalina Daily Mirror July 4 - September 1.

  • 1914 The Islander
The Islander, weekly newspaper of Santa Catalina Island, founded and owned by Ernest Windle, which began with its first issue on January 27, 1914. On March 31 it changed from a smaller 6 x 8 inch format to a larger 7 x 10-1/2 inch format. A year’s subscription was 75 cents. The paper was financed by the SCICO so they had a sympathetic newspaper.

  • August 3, 1990 The Avalon Bay News published weekley.