A Gamble in Souls

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In the News~

December 24, 1916 [LAT]: “Loses Hero-Ship. The "mistaken identity" story, written so often of photoplay folk and their doings has, it is claimed, become taboo, but Director Walter Edwards of the Ince-Triangle forces tells one which he stoutly avers is true. It concerns an incident that happened during the recent filming of "A Gamble in Souls," the Triangle-Kay-Bee play by Lannier Bartlett, starring William Desmond and Dorothy Dalton. The story is of a minister and a girl who survive a shipwreck and are cast up on the shore in the mid-Pacific. The pictures were taken on the Santa Cruz Islands. Garbed in the rags and tatters becoming their unfortunate plight, Mr. Desmond and Miss Dalton were wandering along the shore, waiting the coming of the director and cameraman. At the same time, the captain of a small coastwise vessel was surveying the horizon with his glasses. He caught sight of the two film stars and, as he afterward asserted, believed them to be veritable castaways, and began preparations to send out a small boat to their rescue. then Edwards and the cameraman put in an appearance and the well-meaning captain, seeing that all was well—returned thanks? No, he did not. He cussed!”