A Modern Lorelei 1917

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A MODERN LORELEI was filmed, in part, on Santa Cruz Island in 1917.

Scenes from Lorelei of the Sea, Santa Cruz Island
in Motion Picture News, Sept. 22, 1917

In the News~

May 10, 1918 [SBDN]: “Going forth in the world with the slogan that it was taken at the Santa Barbara Channel Islands, A Modern Lorelei, in which Tyrone Power and an excellent cast are seen, will be the attraction at the Potter Theatre on May 15 and 16 only. A Modern Lorelei was staged amid the beautiful water and mountain scenes of Santa Cruz Island. Some of the principals came to the mainland at times while the picture was being made, and told of the wonderful scenes being filmed under the direction of Henry Otto. Power is really supported by seventy-five diving girls. They form some wonderful pictures in the water and diving into still pools. Many people will be interested in the picture purely from a scenic standpoint. The story is quite interesting and carries with it a love story that will interest anyone that knows what love is.”