Adams Cove, San Miguel Island

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Adams Cove, San Miguel Island is on the southwest corner of the island immediately to the east of Point Bennett. The place name appears on the June 1882 U.S. Coast Survey map Pacific Coast from Santa Monica to Point Conception, including the Santa Barbara Channel, California, J.E. Hilgard, Superintendent.

The cove’s broad sandy expanse of beach is home to the largest pinniped rookery in the United States. Here, more than 70,000 California sea lions, 50,000 Northern elephant seals, and 5,000 Northern fur seals congregate annually during breeding and pupping seasons. This place name appears on the San Miguel Island West topographic map. The 471-foot steel-hulled oil tanker, Pectan, was en route from Chile to Port San Luis on January 21, 1914 when she went ashore at Adams Cove. She was able to free herself without damage.