Aguaje Escondido, Santa Cruz Island

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Aguaje Escondido, Santa Cruz Island [Sp. hidden spring] is located on the north side of the island to the east of Prisoners’ Harbor. October 29, 1920 the island superintendent reported: [We] were riding in the Potrero Norte when a purse seine boat, which I believe to be the Unity, put into Aguaje Escondido, landed four men who climbed the bluff, shot a sheep and then we opened fire from the top of the first slope above. They all ran for the edge of the cliff, but one man crumpled up before he reached the trail, lay a few seconds in the dirt and then crawled over the edge and got away with the others in a boat. If we did not get him, we scared him into a faint.”

This is also one of the three known locations for stream orchids on Santa Cruz Island.