Alamos Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island

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Alamos Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island [Sp. poplar trees] is at the mouth of Alamos Canyon located on the south side of the island to the west of Horqueta Canyon and to the east of Laguna Canyon. It is not accessible by road. The place name appears on the June 1882 U.S. Coast Survey map Pacific Coast from Santa Monica to Point Conception, including the Santa Barbara Channel, California, J.E. Hilgard, Superintendent.

This place name is mis-located on the USGS map of the island.

Los Alamos Canyon was mapped in July 1886 (#47) as having land available for potential cultivation. On November 1, 1936, the Imperial, a 54-foot wood-hulled sport fishing boat was beached at Alamos Anchorage on the south side of Santa Cruz Island. She was pulled off the beach in a successful salvage operation. This place name appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet B topographic map. Maritime accidents at Alamos Anchorage include the Imperial (1936).

April 21, 1914 Ornithologist Henry H. Kimball collected birds on Santa Cruz Island:Riparia riparia. Bank swallow. A considerable colony of some kind of swallow, certainly not Petrochelidon, and apparently bank swallows, were present about an outlying rock at Alamos Landing, Santa Cruz Island, California, during June 1914.” [Condor 24(3):97 May 1922].