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Alcazar delivered lumber to Santa Cruz Island.

Alaczar (#106470) (1887-1914+) was one of the early converted sailing-steam schooners built in San Francisco by Alex Hay. She was 132 feet long, 32 feet across the beam and displaced 263 tons. Alcazar was owned and operated by the Lorenzo E. White Lumber Company of Elk/Greenwood on the Mendocino coast, 14 hours from San Francisco by steam schooner.

Captains of the Alcazar were Captain Fagerlund, and Captain Thomas 'Safe-is-open' Gunderson who later ran the Helen P. Drew.

Alcazar was reported stranded June 10, 1907 at Needle Rock on the north coast of Mendocino, California, without the loss of life. She apparently was saved, however, as Santa Cruz Island Company records show her servicing the island in 1914.

Steamer noted on List of merchandise shipped from San Francisco Office to Santa Cruz Island:

Alcazar, June 16, 1914 ~ The load included clear pine lumber, posts, redwood shingles, redwood posts and poles.