Alta 2, Santa Rosa Island

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Alta 2, Santa Rosa Island is a survey station established in 1934 by Charles K. Green. It was located in the vicinity of the former station, Alta, which could not be found. Alta 2 is 1092 feet in elevation

“on the high hill, the highest on the southeastern portion of the island, that marks the end of the ridge leading southeastward from the main ridge just west of Pecho. Not on the top, but about 110 meters south near a small drop off the hill. The best way to reach the station is to make a boat landing just north of East Point on the sandy beach. Make for the ridge that ends on the eastern portion of the island. Here is located station East Point 2. Follow the ridge westward to the station.”

The station was marked with a standard disk. This triangulation station appears on the Santa Rosa Island East topographic map.

[UTM 10: North 3,759,699 East 774,669; UTM 11: North 3,759,852 East 220,109].