Aspen Helicopters

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Aspen Bell-212 helicopter at China Camp,
blade tied to the hitching post,
the last day of residence by Vail & Vickers,
Santa Rosa Island, December 31, 2011.

ASPEN HELICOPTERS was originally a New Mexico Corporation established in the 1970s. In late 1979 a small group led by Richard and Phyllis Throckmorton and Charles McLaughlin started a California branch of the company. Later in 1980 the California team was given an option to purchase the corporation through a 5 year stock option.

From that time on Aspen spent the next 5 years with summer contracts supporting the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska plus flying in the local area for the government agencies and private land owners on all 8 Channel Islands.

In 1988 Aspen Helicopters became a California Corporation domiciled at the Oxnard Airport.

In 2016 Aspen consists of 7 helicopters and 7 multi-engine fixed wing aircraft. It has contracts and rental agreements with a multiple government agencies that include the Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, Department of Interior, numerous California State agencies, private corporations and the general public.

Aspen is broken up into 4 revenues centers from helicopter and fixed wing contract and charter, an agricultural division, and a general aviation customer support center. Aspen operates under numerous Federal Aviation Regulations from on demand charter to an aviation facility certified maintenance repair station.

Charlie McLaughlin is member #18 of the All 8+ Club of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation. I In addition to the eight California Channel Islands, he has visited the following islands in bold on the Club's expanded list of Alta and Baja California islands:


  • Rincon Island (man-made Channel Island)
  • Farallones
  • Año Nuevo
  • Islas Coronado
  • Islas Todos Santos
  • Isla San Martin
  • Isla San Geronimo
  • Isla Guadalupe
  • Islas San Benito
  • Isla Cedros
  • Isla Natividad
  • Isla Asuncion

PLUS the extra ordinary extra credit islands of:

  • Prince Island, San Miguel Island
  • Gull Island, Santa Cruz Island

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