Avalon Hotels

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Los Angeles Herald, July 6, 1891
advertising Santa Catalina Island hotels:
Avalon House, Catalina House and Spence's Villa
Santa Catalina Hotel Boom c. 1892.
Metropole Hotel, far right; Wheelers' Avalon Home, left of the pier.
Avalon waterfront, post 1903.
Hotel Sea Beach, Hunts Curio Shop.
Boat stands include Julian, Cleopatra and Lady Lou, T. Washburn.

AVALON, SANTA CATALINA ISLAND HOTELS had been developed by the turn of the century, an outgrowth of tent camps and organized tent businesses such as Camp Swanfledt and Coronado Tent City. Some of the earliest hotels in order of construction included:

Additional places to stay (unknown construction dates, pre-1915 fire):

  • Sea Beach (S.C.I.Co.)
  • Hotel Del Mar (H. D. McRae, prop.)
  • Hotel Windsor, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island (L. M. West, prop.)
  • The Columbia ((M. M. Earrhart, prop.)
  • Campus Virginia (J. H. Lane, Prop.) Tents, cottages, bungalows.
  • Morris Camp (C. Morris, prop.) Tents, cottages with or without housekeeping.
  • Camp Albert. Tents and cottages furnished for housekeeping.
  • Coronado Flats (Mrs. L. Casey, Prop.) Furnished rooms.
  • Glidden Flats (Seth Glidden, Prop.) Furnished rooms for housekeeping.
  • Judd Furnished Rooms. Tents and cottages. On stage road near ocean.
  • McLean Lodge (J. D. McLean, Prop.)
  • Moll's Flats and Cottages (F. J. Moll, Sr., Prop.) Furnished.
  • Nestell Group. Cottages, apartments, tents, furnished for housekeeping.
  • Virginia Cottage (Mrs. Gray, Prop.) Suites and tents furnished for housekeeping.
  • Mrs. Campbell. Cottages, Ocean View. 224 Whitley.

Many of the early hotels were destroyed by the Avalon fire of 1915.

» Avalon Inn; Bay View; Catalina House; Dew Drop Inn; Eddy’s Terrace; Glenmore; Grand View Hotel; Island Villa; Marilla Cottage; Metropole; Sea Beach Hotel



  • Avalon Inn. 309 Beacon St. Developed from Avalon Cottage. Inn est. 1899-current.
  • Bay View. 124 Whittley Ave. c. 1898-1915 fire.
  • Catalina. 129 Whittley Ave. 1892-1915 fire; 1916-current First hotel rebuilt after the fire.
  • Central. 1903-1915 fire.
  • Del Mar. c. 1907-1915 fire.
  • Glenmore. 118 Sumner Ave. 1891-escaped 1915 fire—YES; owner E. J. Whitney in 1917
  • Glidden [Glidden Flats] after 1893-
  • Grand View Hotel, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island 1892-1915 fire. -escaped 1915 fire
  • Hermosa. Pre-1905-current.
  • Miramar. 1892-1915 fire.
  • Pacific. Pre-1903 and destroyed by fire 1915.
  • Stamford House. 125 Metropole. c. 1895-? Gone now.
  • Sunset Hotel 708 Crescent Ave. 1892; next the Catherine Hotel; now the Trailhead


In the News~

July 11, 1916 [TI/Avalon]: “The new Catalina Hotel was opened for public inspection several days ago. A large number took advantage of the opportunity to view the interior of the first hotel to be erected since the fire. Proprietor Gill has been a resident of the island for 16 years, and he is to be congratulated on the rapidity of the work as well as for the excellent modern hotel that he has built…”