BACA, Pablo

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BACA, Pablo (c. 1846-?), original investor in the Santa Cruz Island Company in 1869, along with along with nine others:

The June 1870 San Francisco census lists Pablo Baca, 24, born in New Mexico of foreign parents, as a cattle dealer with a personal wealth valued at $5000, and real estate valued at $2000.


BACA, Pablo (1839-1902) [], with his brother, Jose Albino Baca, raised sheep in California, New Mexico and Texas during the 1870s and 1880s. Pablo wrote a letter to his brother describing the financial ruin and ultimate demise of his sheep business due to bad weather and competition in California. Pablo moved from California to New Mexico and then Texas where he resumed his sheep-raising enterprises with the help of his brother.

In the News

February 23, 1869 [SDU]: Incorporations.— Articles of incorporation of the Santa Cruz Island Company were filed in the office of the Secretary of State yesterday. This corporation was formed for the purpose of engaging in and carrying on the business of raising cattle and selling and disposing of the same; of acquiring, holding, using and selling such real estate as may be requisite and necessary for the prosecution of their business, etc. Capital stock, $300,000, in shares of $500 each, The principal place of business is in San Francisco. Trustees—Gustavo Mahe, Camile Martin, T. Lemmen Meyer, Thomas. J. Gallagher and Pablo Baca.”

In 1873 the Santa Cruz Island Company underwent a reorganization. The number of stockholders decreased from ten to nine: Pablo Baca, T. J. Gallagher, and Nicolas Larco dropped out of the company, and Henry Ohlmeyer and J. V. Delaveaga were added as stockholders.

February 22, 1870 [DAC]: “Shipping intelligence. Arrived, February 21—Steamer Alexander, [Captain] Blethen, 78 hours from Santa Cruz Island; 700 sheep to J. [P.] Baca & Co.”

March 1, 1870 [DAC]: “Shipping intelligence. Arrived, February 28—Steamer Alexander, [Captain] Blethen, 2 days from Santa Cruz Island; 1025 sheep to N. [P.] Baca & Co.”

March 8, 1870 [DAC]: “Shipping intelligence. Arrived, March 7—Steamer Alexander, [Captain] Blethen, 2 days from Santa Cruz Island; 1,100 sheep to P. Baca.”

March 18, 1870 [DAC]: “Shipping intelligence. Arrived. Steamer Alexander, [Captain] Blethen, 2 days from Santa Cruz Island; sheep to P. Baca & Co. Importations, Santa Cruz Island —per Alexander 830 sheep, 70 bales wool.”