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  • Beebe, Rose Marie and Robert M. Senkewicz The History of Alta California. A Memoir of Mexican California [Antonio Maria Osio] Madison: U. Wisconsin, (1996)

  • Beebe, Rose Marie and Robert M. Senkewicz Guide to the Manuscripts Concerning Baja California in the collections of The Bancroft Library University of California, 2002. Wraps. Inscribed by the authors May 25, 2002 to Marla Daily
[original in SCIF archives]

  • [Ducrure, Benno] Burrus, Ernest J.. Ducrue's Account of the Expulsion of the Jesuits from Lower California (1767-1769) St. Louis: St. Louis University, 1967.
An annotated English translation of Benno Ducrue's Relato Expulsionis. Jesuit Historical Institute.
[original in SCIF archives]

  • Engelhardt, Fr. Zephyrin. The Franciscans in California. Harbor Springs, Michigan: Holy Child Indian School, 1897. Black cloth. 516 pages. Ex-lib. Taped broken binding.
Inscribed: To his honor R. Hazard with kind regards. Rev. P. Kilian Schloesser, O. F. M. Commissary Prov. Santa Barbara, April 25th, 1898.
[original in SCIF archives; ex-lib MDD, pd. $100]

  • Engelhardt, Fr. Zephyrin. The Missions and Missionaries of California Vol. 1, Lower California. Second edition. Santa Barbara: Mission Santa Barbara, 1929.
[original in SCIF archives]

  • Geiger, Maynard. Franciscan Missionaries in Hispanic California 1769-1848. A Biographical Dictionary. San Marino: Huntington Library, 1969. First edition in dust jacket. Ex-lib.
[original in SCIF archives]

  • [Kino, Eusebio]. Kino Guide II. His Missions—His Monuments AZ: Southwestern Mission Research Center, 1982.

Second printing, 1987. Wraps.

[original in SCIF archives; wraps]

  • Martinez, Pablo L. A History of Lower California Mexico City: Editorial Baja California, 1960. (maroon binding)
second copy (green binding)
[original in SCIF archives]

  • Meigs, Peveril Jr.. The Dominican Mission Frontier of Lower California Berkeley: UC Press, 1935.

  • [SERRA, Junipero]. Juniperi Serra. Sacerdotis Professi O. F. M. Typis Polyglottis Vaticanis, 1981.

Binding by Art Bookbinding Co., Van Nuys, CA. Oversized.

[original in SCIF archives]

  • [SERRA, Junipero]. Beebe, Rose Marie and Robert M. Senkewicz. Junipero Serra. California, Indians, and the Transformation of a Missionary. Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, (2015).
Before Gold. California Under Spain and Mexico Volume 3.
[original in SCIF archives; Inscribed by Father Tom Elewaut, Mission Sanbuenaventura]

  • [Venegas, Father Miguel.] [1757]. A Natural and Civil History of California USA: Readex Microprint, (1966). Blue cloth in two volumes. 455 & 387 pages.
A member of the Society of Jesus, who sometime before the middle of the 18th century collected a considerable body of notes on California. After his death, another member of the Society gathered, edited and published his work in 3 volumes in Madrid in 1757. This reprint of the 1759 edition was translated from the Spanish and published in London; this from the 3-volumes published in Spanish as Noticia de la California (Madrid, 1757).
[two volume set in SCIF archives; ex-lib MDD]

  • Young, Stanley. The Missions of California San Francisco: Chronicle Books (1998). Warps.
[original in SCIF archives]