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BANNING, George Hugh (1895-1989) [SS#559-666-935], son of Hancock Banning, and grandson of Phineas Banning. Banning was a journalist, author and poet, and postmaster during his varied career. He participated in an exploratory cruise aboard G. Allan Hancock's Velero II a Second Mate.

Islands visited include:

  • San Nicolas Island
  • San Clemente Island
  • Isla Guadalupe
  • Alijos Rocks
  • Clarion Island
  • Clipperton Island
  • Socorro Island

George Hugh Banning = [1920] Gladys Armstrong (1899-1980)

  • 1. Douglas Banning (1923-2010)

George Hugh Banning = Helen Christianne Shoff (1908-1967)

  • 2. Marianne Banning

George Hugh Banning =[1967] Rowena Ruth Lockett (1910-2009)

Hugh Banning died on October 15, 1989 in La Jolla, CA at the age of 94.

  • 1925. G. H. Banning. In Mexican Waters London: Martin Hopkinson & Co;, Ltd., 1925
[original in SCIF archives]
  • 1925. Banning, George Hugh. In Mexican Waters The Illustrated London News, April 11, 1925, p. 636. Oversized magazine. Velero II.
[original in SCIF archives]

In the News~

August 7, 1915 [LAH]: “Yachting Party. One of the most delightful of the week-end parties planned for the younger set is that which George Hugh Banning will give aboard the Banning yacht Campañero [sic]. The affair will be a "stag" party, and about twenty young friends of the host are to enjoy the occasion. Mr. Banning will leave September 3 for Berkeley to resume his studies, but Hancock Banning, Jr. will not leave until later for Cornell University. He also will entertain with a farewell affair before his departure.”

January 29, 1918 [LAH]: “Lieut. Banning is Past Danger Mark. The danger point has passed for Lieut. George Hugh Banning of the U.S. aviation corps, according to word received from Fort Worth. Young Banning will remain at the hospital there until able to undergo an operation. Hancock Banning, his father, will return to his home here, but Mrs. Banning will remain with her son.”

June 22, 1918 [LAH]: “Lieut. Banning to Return to Camp. Lieut. George Hugh Banning, son of Capt. and Mrs. Hancock Banning, will leave tomorrow to rejoin his command at the Ft. Worth, Tex. aviation camp. Lieut. Banning has barely recovered from his recent severe illness which necessitated three surgical operations.”

May 1, 1920 [LAH]: “Much interest is now felt in the marriage, announced today, in Berkeley of George Hugh Banning, son of the Hancock Bannings, and now on the San Francisco Chronicle, and Miss Gladys Armstrong, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Armstrong on Malvern Avenue.”

October 18, 1989 [LAT]: “George Hugh Banning, the last surviving grandchild of Gen. Phineas Banning, who developed Santa Catalina Island, Los Angeles Harbor and much of what is now Wilmington, died Sunday in La Jolla.

The journalist, author and former postmaster of South Pasadena was 94.

Born in Los Angeles, George Banning as a youth shipped out to sea, and he later wrote books and articles for pulp magazines on his maritime adventures. He also wrote a best-selling book of the 1920s, Six Horses, about early California stagecoaches. His grandfather had established a wharf and shipping business in Wilmington and eventually built the Los Angeles & Wilmington Railroad, a link between the water and Los Angeles. Southern Pacific later purchased it. Phineas Banning and George Banning's brother, Hancock, who died in 1982, also formed the Santa Catalina Island Co. after purchasing much of the island from George R. Shatto, founder of Avalon. The Banning family home in Wilmington is now a city museum. George Banning is survived by his wife, Ruth; a son, Douglas;, a daughter, Marianne; a stepdaughter, Susan Crutchfield, and five grandchildren.