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Banning Brothers Pleasure Pier

“As sportfishing flourished on Santa Catalina Island, so many boatmen set up businesses on the beach that the Banning brothers feared the beach had become overcrowded and tried to remove the boatmen and their excursion stands from the beach. As a compromise the Banning Brothers built a pier parallel to the beach where the boatmen could land their boats and visitors could charter an excursion. However, winter storms quickly destroyed the parallel pier. The boatmen and other property owners became dismayed with the Banning brothers’ attempts to control them, so they established the Freeholders Improvement Association in1909 to negotiate their interests. The result of negotiations with the Banning brothers and the Freeholders Improvement Association was the construction of the Pleasure Pier, or known to many locals as the Green Pier. The pier was completed in 1909 and provided a place for the independent boatmen and sightseeing excursions to set up stands and offer services to visitors. The Pleasure Pier is still used for these purposes today.”