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BARTHOLOMEW, Elam (1852-1934), born at Strasburg, Pennsylvania on June 9, 1852, he attended school in Illinois, and later moved to Kansas where he became curator of the mycological herbarium at the Fort Hays Kansas State College. Bartholomew and his wife, Rachel Isabel Montgomery (1855-1941) had seven children:

Elam Bartholomew (1852-1934)
  • George Edgar (1877-1900)
  • Elbert Thomas (1878-1967)
  • Elizabeth Fanny [Ingle] (1881-1966)
  • Jesse Elam (1882-1976)
  • Earl Robert (1884-1964)
  • Hubert D. (1886-1887)
  • Lee Montgomery (1889-1975)

Millspaugh and Nuttall (1923) report: “Accompanied by his wife, [Bartholomew] collected 6 species of fungi in the neighborhood of Avalon on July 19, 1915 (5885-5890).” Some of his specimens are in the Field Museum, Chicago. Bartholomew held his curatorial position at Fort Hays until his death on November 18, 1934. He is buried in Bow Creek Cemetery, Phillips County, Kansas.

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