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Santa Cruz Island, August 15, 1949

BARTON, Otis (1899-1992), was an American deep-sea diver, inventor and actor. Born in New York, the independently wealthy Barton designed the first bathysphere and made a dive with William Beebe off Bermuda in June 1930. They set the first record for deep-sea diving by descending 600 ft (180 m). In 1934, they set another record at 3,028 ft (923 m). Barton acted in the 1938 Hollywood movie, Titans of the Deep.

Barton wrote the book The World Beneath the Sea, published in 1953. Like Beebe, Barton was also interested in exploring tropical rain forests, and spent considerable time in places like Gabon. In 1949, Barton set a new world record with a 4,500 foot (1,372 m) dive in the Pacific Ocean, using his benthoscope (from the Greek benthos, meaning 'sea bottom', and scopein, 'to view'), which was designed by Barton and Maurice Nelles.

In 1978, Barton successfully tested a "jungle spaceship" (actually an airship) that was intended to film wildlife Dr. Otis Barton made the record dive in his benthoscope to 4500 feet off the Velero IV. His record still stands as the deepest dive by a connected submersible. Velero IV was sold by USC in the 1980s and is still active as of 2016 operating out of Seattle as a fishing support vessel.

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