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BATINA, Ralph ( -1922) , fisherman whose body was found aboard his boat off Santa Cruz Island in August 1922.

In the News~

August 13, 1922 [SBMP]: “Find body in boat adrift at Island. The body of Ralph Batina, San Pedro fisherman, was found adrift in a boat near Santa Cruz Island Thursday, according to local fishermen who landed here from a cruise yesterday. It appears that when Batina's boat failed to return to its home port after a reasonable length of time, his brother, Mike Batina, organized a searching party at San Pedro and set sail for Santa Cruz. When the missing boat was discovered adrift, the body of its owner was found in it. The boat was towed to the cannery tender Columbi which carried the body back to San Pedro. It was reported that the police found Batina's skull crushed, his neck broken, the right arm nearly torn off and other portions of the body badly bruised. Batina had been a resident of this country for 11 years, coming to Los Angeles from Dalmatia.”