BECKER, John Otto

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Otto Becker and the station boat, Año Nuevo Island
Otto Becker and family and friends in front of a wind break built to protect their garden, Año Nuevo Island

BECKER, John Otto (1902-1975), long-time resident of Año Nuevo Island, initially as First Assistant lighthouse keeper (1910-1913), and then as Head Keeper (1915-1926).

Otto Becker = Viola W. Edwards (1908-1992)

Family members are buried in Mount Tamalpias Cemetery.

In the News~

August 17, 1912 [Sausalito News]: “Town Trustee C. H. Becker is visiting his son, Otto Becker, keeper of Año Nuevo lighthouse near Santa Cruz, and expects to bring Mrs. Becker back with him.”

August 24, 1912 [Sausalito News]: “Mrs. C. H. Becker, wife of the town trustee, came back from a three months visit to her son J. Otto Becker, keeper of Año Nuevo lighthouse near Santa Cruz, on Sunday, bringing back with her an excellent fish story which she can verify. She was among a party fishing for kelp cod off the lighthouse shortly before her departure. She hooked a large sea giant and was hauling it in when an immense cod grabbed the sea trout and hung on. With the assistance of the others both were landed. They tried to kill the cod before they could land it. The cod weighed twenty-(?) pounds.”

November 27, 1915 [Sausalito News]: “Otto Becker, keeper of Año Nuevo Light House, near Santa Cruz, is visiting his father, Ex-town trustee, C. H. Becker.”

October 8, 1921 [Sausalito News]: “Otto Becker, lighthouse keeper at Año Nuevo Island near Santa Cruz, and wife, were the guests of his father, C. H. Becker this week.”

June 11, 1937 [Sausalito News]: “Old Timer passes. Christopher Becker, past president of the Forester of America, and for years a maker of harness and later leather worker, died on Thursday of last week. Surviving relatives include his widow, Margaret Becker, sons William and Otto Becker, and grandchildren, Virginia and Gloria Becker. The funeral was held last Saturday with burial at Fernwood Cemetery.”