BISHOP, Allen Trimble

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BISHOP, Allen Trimble (1827-1901), Ohio-born physician who moved to Avalon in 1888, where he lived until his death thirteen years later. Dr. Bishop was interested in botany, he grew vegetables, owned property, and was involved in Democratic politics.

According to a note of Blanche Trask published in Erythea 7:142, “Dr. Bishop” collected Marrubium vilgare in the vicinity of Avalon in 1896: “A single specimen of Marrubium vulgare was collected at Avalon last summer by Dr. Bishop. Alyssum maritimum was also found on a cliff-edge...”

Allen T. Bishop = [1852] Abigail Davis (1833-1872) in Champaign County, Ohio

1. Amelia “Millie” J. Bishop (1853-)
2. Sarah A. Bishop (1854-1938) = Perry Edward Beeney (1854-1920)
3. Chloe A. Bishop (1863-1949) = W. F. Cundiff

“Allen T. Bishop, son of John Bishop III, and seventh child, born in Clarke county, Ohio, Aug. 9, 1826, was married to Miss Abigal Davis. From this marriage there were three children, Millie, Sarah, and Chloe. The family now live on Catalina Island, Los Angeles county, Cal., where the father is proprietor of a drug store and is a practicing physician.” [Bishop and Lake Families. A Genealogical and Historical Sketch by Samuel Bishop, 1898]

By 1900 Dr. A. T. Bishop was a widower. He died on Santa Catalina Island on Wednesday, October 23, 1901.

In the News~

September 9, 1890 [LAH]: “Chamber of Commerce. Application is being made for space in the hall for the agricultural fair to open October 14th. Santa Ana and other outside towns have already secured space... The following donations were reported yesterday: ...Dr. A. T. Bishop, Catalina Island pumpkins and squash...”

July 31, 1894 [LAH]: “Catalina, 2 delegates—Judge, Dr. A. T. Bishop; clerk, S. Eddy. Voting place, Pavillion.”

July 28, 1895 [LAH]: “For sale—Catalina Island property—three lots on Whitley Ave., 200 feet from beach, with good two-story house of seven rooms; lot filled with fruit trees and flowers; just the place for a resort; terms reasonable. Address Dr. A. T. Bishop, Avalon, Catalina Island, Cal.”

May 31, 1896 [LAH]: “Democratic polling place. Catalina, 2 delegates; committeeman, B. Rosin; polling place, Carraher & Beasley's store; J.,Dr. A. T. Bishop; I., S. Eddy; C., B. H. Schultz.”

June 22, 1898 [LAH]: “For rent—Store room suitable for drug store or grocery; good location for physician with small stock drugs, near beach. Dr. A. T. Bishop, Avalon.”

November 1, 1900 [LAH]: “Catalina Township. Catalina Election Precinct. Polling place, Banning Co.'s office, Avalon. Inspectors, F. P. Whittley, Seaton Eddy. Judges, A. A. Carraher, Dr. A. T. Bishop. Clerks, F. W. Clark, E. L. Beasley. Ballot clerks, Wm. A. Bloeser, B. Rosin.”

October 26, 1901 [LAH]: “Old Citizen of Avalon Passes Away. Avalon, Catalina Island, Oct. 25.—Dr. A. T. Bishop, one of Avalon's oldest citizens, died at 8:30 o'clock Wednesday evening, aged 73 years. The doctor came to the island in 1888 and, owing to the limited demand for the services of a physician in a community where health is the staple article, supplemented his general practice by the addition of mercantile pursuits. The first shell and curio store on the island was established by the doctor.”