BLUXOME, Joseph F.

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BLUXOME, Joseph Francis (1866-1937), New York born San Francisco attorney, along with Frank Deering, for the trustees of the Santa Cruz Island Company, Albina Caire and her children Arthur, Frederic, Helene and Delphine Caire, in the litigation brought on by Albina Caire's two married daughters, Amelie Caire Rossi and Aglae Caire Capuccio.

Bluxome died at age 71 on January 5, 1937. Interment was in the family plot in New York. [Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 8 Jan 1937]. A street is named for him in San Francisco.

In the News~

February 29, 1912 [A.J. Caire Diary]: “Mrs. Albina Caire met Mr Bluxome at the office of the Justinian Caire Company and told him that her daughters had called on her and that during her conversation with them she did say that she loved all her children; that she regretted (and so told them) having made her children a gift which they had used against her, and furthermore told them that she hoped that her daughters' children would not turn against them as they (her daughters) had turned against her. Mrs. Caire flatly denied having made any remarks about the division of her estate.”

March 8, 1912 [A.J. Caire Diary]: “Mr. Bluxome reported that Mr. Freidenrich had told him that unless some arrangement were made... Mrs. Rossi would call for the dissolution of the Santa Cruz Island Company. Furthermore he hinted that a clique had been formed against his clients by other members of the family even while Justinian Caire was alive, and that Mrs. Caire was morally bound to distribute her estate as required by her daughters. This shows that Mr. Freidenrich's clients had established a good system of espionage around the household of Mrs. Albina Caire...”


Oakland, 14 March 1912

Mr. J. F. Bluxome Nevada Bank Building San Francisco


I have learned that Mrs. Rossi through her lawyer has demanded that all of my children sign among themselves an agreement on the distribution of my estate after my death, independently of whatever I may desire or arrange. I must tell you, sir, that I consider this demand on the part of one of my daughters as a signal and that I regard it as an impertinence done completely as an attempt or threat to influence me in the disposition that I will make of my estate and such agreement an attempt to arrange the distribution of it whether during my life or after my death.

I do not recognize the right of any of my children to tell me what use I should make of what legally and morally belongs to me, and I feel still capable of judging things for myself without anyone having to dictate the law to me.

My children cannot fail to remember what I have had to repeat to all of them several times over the course of these last months without exception: that I have the intention of doing with my property what seems to me to be fair and proper. I authorize you to make my sentiments known to Mrs. Rossi’s lawyer and beg you to accept for yourself the assurance of my distinguished appreciation.

Albina C. S. Caire


I would beg you to draw up without delay the document of which I spoke with you during my visit, because I am more than ever absolutely decided to divide, in equal part, among my sons Arthur J. Caire, Frederic F. Caire and my two daughters Delphine A. Caire [H is written in above the last Caire] my 45 shares of Santa Cruz Island.

Please let me know what day I can come to your office.

Receive sir the assurance of my distinguished appreciation.

Albina C. S. Caire

January 8, 1937 [SF Chronicle]: “DIED. BLUXOME — In this city, January 5, 1937, Joseph Frances BLUXOME; a native of New York. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services today (Friday) at 11 a.m., at the chapel of H. F. Suhr Co., 2919 Mission, near 25th St. Interment in family plot, New York city, N.Y.”