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Boag headstone in Angelus Rosedale Cemetery
Boag House in Wilmington


BOAG, Robert (1827-1912) was born in Strabane, Tyrone, Northern Ireland and graduated from the University of Glasgow. He married twice and had three sons and two daughters. Christina Johnson was his first wife. He became ordained as a missionary in the Presbytery of Strabane in 1852, and that same year he immigrated from Glasgow to New York aboard Sea Nymph. Boag moved to Wilmington, California in 1875.

He and his second wife, Mary (1832-1917), were said to be living in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island when the 1880 census was taken, along with:

  • Charles E. Boag (c. 1868- )
  • Francis Robert Boag (1871-1954)

but the family never lived in Avalon, this according to Robert Boag's great great grandson, W. R. Boag in 2015.

By 1888 the family was living at 67 Baudry, Los Angeles.

Robert Boag died on July 18, 1912 in Hollywood California, and his wife, Mary, died five years later. Family members are buried in Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles.