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March 6, 1924 Avalon,
Santa Catalina Island

In 1910, the boatmen moved their stands from the beach to the Pleasure Pier. Old Ben learned quickly that he could come up onto one of the floats at the high end of the pier and bark for fish.

August 6, 1918 [The Catalina Islander]: “Avalon launchmen (fishing boats) in 1918: Sam Goulding, Geo. C. Farnsworth, S. Westbrook, I. L. Newberry, B. D. Halstead, C. A. Fisher, Harry Nichols, Hugh MacKay, Monte Foster, A. L. McKelvey, J.J. Bates, W. L. Heral, John Kassar, Claude Wickman, Alex Adargo, Mexican Joe, Enos Vera [Veira], I. A. Anderson, Harry Stoughton, O. I. Danielson, Roy Staples, John Edmundson, Smith Warren, Tad Gray, Kent Walker, Charles Paradis and J. H. S. Boerstler.”

More than half a dozen boat stands lined up
in front of the Hotel Metropole
c. 1900
Santa Catalina Island

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In the News~

June 28, 1898 [LAH]: “Avalon, June 27.—Messrs. Dunham and Whiteford were out in the launch Puffing Pig and caught three yellowtail and a rock bass.”

July 1 1898 [LAH]: “Avalon, June 30.—Mr. Magnin and Mr. Fraser, while out with Captain Jargstorff in the Sunbeam, landed thirty barracuda on rod and reel. The fish were caught just the other side of Seal Rock.”

July 5, 1898 [LAH]: “Avalon, July 3.—During the past week the Santa Ana, the Sunbeam and the Violet have all been up on the beach for a general overhauling.”