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BOUGHTON, Fred S. (1890-1977)[SS#060-18-7628], New York-born member of the botanical section of the Rochester Academy of Science, he apparently visited Santa Catalina Island where he did some minor collecting.

According to Millspaugh and Nuttall (1923): “Of Pittsford, N. Y., during a collecting tour in ‘the west,’ [Broughton] secured a few specimens on Catalina, but as he labeled his sheets simply: ‘Flora of the Western United States,’ the localties collected are doubtful. He remembers 9 species as of Catalina, duplicates of which are in herbarium of the Field Musem, Chicago. His original series is in the herbarium of the Rochester Academy of Sciences.

Boughton was one of the authors, along with Florence Beckwith, of Plants of Monroe County, New York (1917).

Boughton died on September 4, 1977 at age 86. He is buried in Richmondville Cemetery, New York.

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