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BOWMAN, Mae Claire (1884-1954), student at the State Normal School who participated in an excursion to Santa Cruz Island on May 12, 1915 aboard the Otter.

Mae Bowman = Jules Chourre (c. 1893- )

  • 1. Jane C. Chourre (c. 1917- ) = Jack McCreary
  • 2. Jules Emile Chourre (1918-1991) [SS#566-12-3413]
  • 3. Marianne Chourre (c. 1921- )
  • 4. Richard F. Chourre (c. 1923- )

In the News~

1915 State Normal School Outing to Santa Cruz Island Aboard the Otter

May 19, 1915 [SBDNI]: “So delighted are the Normal School students who went on the excursion to Santa Cruz Island over Saturday and Sunday, with the beauty of the wondrous isle, that they are planning another trip for early July. A total of 37 students, both men and women, enjoyed the outing, returning late Sunday. Various points of interest, including Prisoners’ Harbor, Pelican Bay, Seal Rocks, Painted Cave and Cueva Valdez were visited and explored. The party made the trip in the motorboat Otter, the craft’s business agent, B. Hilbing, personally conducting the students, and seeing that everyone had a good time.”

June 17, 1915 [SBMP]: “NAIS is issued. The first issue of "NAIS," the Normal School publication, was issued yesterday. The work is all done at the school, which is well equipped for this. It is stated that "NAIS" will appear at least five times a year. The first issue is creditable. The editorial staff consists of Jules Chourre, Miss Amy Sorter, Mis Mae Bowman, Miss Grace Childs and Miss Dorothy Gerberding. Charles A. Robinson is the business manager and M. C. Harris advertising manager.”

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