BRALY, John Claude

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Oologist #124, February 1896

BRALY, John Claude (1875-1944) was born in McMinnville, Oregon on October 10, 1875. By 1900 he was married and living in San Diego. In 1910 he was living in Los Angeles. A few years after the death of his first wife, he remarried and had moved back to Oregon, where he stayed until his death in Portland in 1944.

"Since 1925, John Claude Braly, an active bird collector throughout Oregon, has contributed much information on nesting notes... " [I. N. Gabrielson Birds of Oregon]]

J. C. Braly = [1899] Mary Blanche Shephard (1878-1911)

  • 1. Malcolm Shepherd Braly (1901-1918)
  • 2. James Whisman Braly (1904-1988)

J. C. Braly = [1918] Katherine P. Pogatschnick (1889-1957)

Braly collected on:

  • Islas Coronados (1894)

Islas Coronados Claude Braly WFVZ May 12, 1894 WFVZ-39458 Larus occidentalis Eggs