BREMNER, Carl St. John

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BREMNER, Carl St. John (1895-1944), Santa Barbara resident and 1921 graduate of the University of California in geology. He worked for the Standard Oil Company, and mapped the northern Channel Islands, reporting on their geology.

In 1932 Bremner was the geologist for Standard Oil when they drilled the first well on Santa Rosa Island on Vail Peak. He surveyed the island by horseback and did the field mapping in preparation for his company's drilling. His Santa Rosa Island geological work was not published, as it was considered proprietary by his employer, Standard Oil. Bremner eventually joined and then left the foreign service of Standard Oil to join the California-Ecuador Petroleum Company.

Bremner was killed in a plane crash in Peru on September 18, 1944.

  • 1931. Bremner, Carl St. John Notes on the Geology of Santa Cruz Island Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Museum Leaflet, June 1931

  • 1932. Bremner, Carl St. John Geology of Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara County, California Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Occasional Paper No. 1, 1932
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[original in SCIF archives]