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BROWN, Charles ( - )

In the News~

June 9, 1873 [SBDP]: “A sea lion and two seals, brought from Santa Cruz Island, were on the wharf Sunday awaiting shipment to San Francisco for Woodward’s Gardens. The numerous idlers who throng the wharf on Sundays had a free show. The seals were the property of Mr. Brown, and were taken to the city this morning.”

July 26, 1873 [SBSWT]: “Captain Brown has just made us a call, having returned from a cruise on the schooner Pioneer to San Nicolas Island. He tells us that the Pioneer brings ten live sea lions from the island, weighing from 100 to 1500 pounds each, to be shipped to San Francisco, for Woodward’s Garden. The best prize, weighing one ton, which took nine hours to secure, died at sea about eight miles our from here. This is what might be called ‘a good catch.’”

c. 1879: “I became interested in hunting seals and sea otter, and also in gathering abalone shells on the Channel Islands. For these purposes I purchased first the schooner, Surprise, and later two schooners, Keturah and N. B.. George and Jake Nidever, Manuel Cordero, Antonio Cavarillo [Cavalleri], Jose Espinosa, and Charles Brown were employed by me on these boats. Some of the seals were shipped east for exhibition purposes. Others were killed, the hides sold to be converted into leather, the oil used for various purposes, and the trimmings going to Chinamen...” [Rogers, Eugene Frederick Merchandising Memoirs, unpub. Ms.]

March 26, 1881 [SBWP]: “The schooner Surprise was anchored at San Miguel Island on the 13th inst. and during the wind storm, parted both cables and went ashore. The Captain, Charles Brown, together with John Haskell and Ramon Mesa, and Mr. Muller who had the vessel chartered, arrived here last night and gave the particulars. The schooner is now lying high and dry, and it is as yet uncertain whether she can be got off, or whether she is a total loss. The schooner belongs to Rogers Brothers & Co. of this city.”