BROWN, Rosemary Carton

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Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island, 1937
watercolor by Rosemary Carton Brown

BROWN, Rosemary Carton (1914-2010), a 1936 graduate of Scripps College where her art teacher was Millard Sheets. In addition to art, she studied languages and archaeology. After Scripps she took additional classes at Santa Barbara City College.

Rosemary raised five children on a Carpinteria Ranch passed down from her great-grandparents.

Rosemary Brown died at age 96. She is buried in Carpinteria Cemetery.

Rosemary Carton = Reed Nichols 1. Peter Carton Nichols (b. 1942)

Rosemary Carton (1914-2010) = Henry McClauren Brown (1912-1996) 1. Steven Thomas Brown (b. 1947) 2. Emily Brown [Miles] (b. 1948) 3. Anthony Edwin Brown (b. 1950) twin = Jehanne Khoury

1. Giovanna B. Brown
2. Christina Beatrice Brown
3. Nicolas Alexander Brown

4. Jonathan Walker Brown (b. 1950) twin

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